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Candidate Selection & Offer

Frequenty Asked Questions

Candidate Selection & Offer

The selection decision
Once the selection processes are complete it is advisable to move quickly on the selection decision. Lengthy processes can result in candidates accepting other roles or losing interest in the role you are recruiting for.

There are two approaches that can be taken in making the final selection decision. You can reserve the decision until all selection processes are complete and look at each candidate’s performance and assessment in each of the processes. Alternatively, you can take a cumulative approach where decision is made at the completion of each individual selection process, gradually narrowing down the pool of candidates and selecting who to appoint from those who have survived all of the selection processes.

The selection decision should be based on objective information gathered from the candidate’s application, the interviews, any testing conducted and reference and background checks. The candidate that best addresses the selection criteria should be offered the position.

It is important to make the selection decision as soon as possible after the selection process has been completed. Do not allow the decision-making process to drag out as, in a strong job market, high quality candidates may be in a position where they have more than one role offered to them.


The job offers
The initial job offer should be verbal and must be followed immediately by written confirmation of the job offer and the proposed terms of employment i.e. position title, salary, commencement date, any terms or conditions particular to the position. A full employment contract should then follow.

Unsuccessful candidates
All candidates for the role should be informed of the outcome of their application regardless of the stage in the selection process they reached. Any candidates who were spoken to on the phone or who attended an interview should be advised by phone so that feedback can be provided verbally. All other applicants can be e-mailed with a covering statement regarding the caliber of the candidates and details of the selection process undertaken.

For example:
“Thank you for your application for the receptionist role. A large number of high caliber applications were received for this position. The successful candidate was selected due to their extensive experience in similar roles within the industry. Thank you for taking the time to apply and we wish you well in your job search.”

Do not inform other preferred candidates that they have been unsuccessful in obtaining the role until the first preferred candidate has accepted the job offer. If the first preferred candidate does not accept the job offer, then the selectors can still consider other preferred candidates for the position.

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