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  • Job-hopping: A Trend of the 21st century
    In today’s workplace, you see millennials job-hopping more frequently than ever before, with the average tenure...
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  • Engaging Singaporean Millennials in the 21st Century
    Today, Singapore has one of the lowest employee engagement scores among the major ASEAN markets. This...
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  • Want to Be a Human Resources Pro? Here Are the Skills You Need
    Your company’s Human Resource Professional is an indispensable member of the team, one that uses their...
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  • How to Manage Youth to Better Your Workforce
    Despite the obvious truism that we were all young once, many bosses can be loathe to...
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  • Ways to Improve Employee Engagement
    No matter how big your team, whether it’s 5 employees or 500, it is important to...
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  • Why Employee Training is a Smart Investment
    When considering areas to make budget cuts, employee training can often be an easy target. As...
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  • Four Steps to a Better LinkedIn Profile
    What’s worse than not having a LinkedIn profile? Having an empty LinkedIn profile that contains nothing...
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  • 4 Tips for Motivating Your Casual Workforce
    Casual employees are a crucial part of business, functioning to provide a pillar for the company...
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  • The Human Resources Technology Survey
    As the shift of human resources technology continues to edge towards the cloud, PwC interviewed IT...
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