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Artificial Intelligence and Why It’s the Future of Growth

One of Accenture’s latest research projects delved into the realm of artificial intelligence to find that there is much more to the budding technology than just robots. Their report, ‘Why AI is the Future of Growth’, tells us that AI will be the source of much positive change in the future – it has great economic potential. Accenture estimates that AI could double the yearly economic growth rates in developed countries by 2035, and even grow workforce efficiency by nearly 40% by the same year.

So, what does that mean for your workforce?

  1. A fresh, ‘virtual’ workforce will be introduced by AI.
  2. AI technology will run in-line with the existing workforces, working to aid and enhance their capabilities and skills.
  3. Like many technologies that came before IT, AI will initiate innovations within the economy.

AI- Future of growth

Why AI is the Future of Growth



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