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Exceptional Employee

8 Indications You’ve Got a Must-Have Employee

Standing out above the rest, a great employee is the one that can be depended on to be proactive, hardworking and a step above the crowd. More than anything, they’re the ones that carry the most sought-after skills—the ones that are extremely rare to find, but can be easily described.

In the end, they are the team members that often don’t get recognised and that hold unique skills and qualities that put them leagues ahead of colleagues. Often, these individuals miss out on performance appraisals, despite having a huge effect on team and company performance.

Here’s 8 critical signs you have a great employee in your team:

  1. They think outside the box

In fact, they’re usually a bit outside of the job description, too. Creative individuals are thinkers that constantly push expectations and boundaries, well past their original position description. Great employees are able to think on their feet and shift priorities to get whatever is urgent done quickly. In the end, they’re always more than happy to help the company grow.

  1. An engaging personality

These are the people that are a little quirky and often not easy to come by. They’ll carry personalities that are sometimes irreverent, eccentric, yet a huge delight to be around. While it may seem they are an unusual part of the team, they are a great way to shift culture from a “plain Jane” feel into a rocky-road mix.  They’re also a good way to introduce new opportunities and ideas to the organisation.

  1. They’re okay with being individual

It’s still critical to ensure these quirky beings are able to reel it in to be professional, logical and approachable. The best kind of employee is one that knows how to turn on and off their “individuality”, and are able to respond to the most critical tasks when required. They know when to be serious, when to be chirpy and when to back off. This balancing act is critical to company culture and success.

  1. Recognition is their forte

Luckily, these employees also have a keen eye for great work and are more than happy to let the rest of the team know about it. Working together to reach goals together, these individuals support peers and publicly acknowledge achievements.

  1. Able to handle turbulence

Employees should be able to bring their concerns forward, but these individuals know how to do it in a private and professional manner. Amazing employees can voice these issues in private, without bringing in unnecessary drama from those around them They’re proactive in finding resolutions and harnessing positive approaches.

  1. Raise questions when other peers won’t

If something is on the minds of colleagues, these employees will take part in asking the big questions for them, ultimately getting answers when they need them most. Best of all, they do this without hesitation.

  1. They’ll prove others wrong (when appropriate)

An exceptional employee is okay with proving someone wrong, if they are actually in the wrong. They’re generally working for more than just the organisation they work in—their talent, skills, education and intelligence all drives towards creating something much deeper than wanting to do a good enough job.

  1. Their efforts never end

Not everyone will be happy but these individuals will work as hard as they can to ensure they’re contributing towards fulfilling goals, even if they seem out of reach. They’ll follow processes, even when the finish line is far off. If processes are redundant, ineffective or inaccurate, they’ll seek ways to improve them.

If you’ve got a team member that resembles any, or all, of the above, they’re someone you should keep your claws on!


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