Internal Promotion and Recruitment Template Policy

Internal Promotion and Recruitment Template Policy

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Wherever possible, the organisation shall seek opportunities to promote current employees.  Employees shall be eligible for promotional opportunities where the manager has determined that such recruitment within the organisation would be in the best interest of the department.

There are two methods by which an employee may be internally recruited and/or promoted.  Both options are open to all full time, regular employees.  Internal promotional opportunities are to be placed on the intranet and emailed to all employees so that all potential candidates are informed of the vacancy.

Business internal promotion and recruitment policy template download includes:

  • The purpose of promotion in the workplace
  • Departmental promotion
  • Internal promotion policy
  • Internal promotions
  • Assessment process
  • Candidate selection
  • HR-advise
  • Departmental promotion
  • Recruitment in the organisation
  • Seeking opportunities
  • Promotion and recruitment
Internal Promotion and Recruitment Template Policy