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The Roubler learning academy provides 1,000+ e-learning employee training courses across key areas of focus to drive better employee performance and a higher skilled workforce. The Roubler LMS include the following pre-built courses.

Customer Service

  • 29 courses
  • 40 resources
  • 33 videos
The customer service e-learning courses assists teams develop effective customer service and manage complaints proactively and confidently whilst highlighting the importance of customer service.

Compliance & Workplace relations

  • 59 courses
  • 217 resources
  • 167 videos
Roubler prebuilt online workplace relations courses provides the Roubler learning academy achieve training across mandatory workplace relations requirements including key compliance risk areas in bullying and harassment.

Human Resources

  • 10 training
  • 37 resources
  • 29 videos
Roubler’s HR e-learning suite of online courses assists your team in understanding their HR obligations and how to manage HR issues such as absenteeism, performance, discipline process

Health & Safety

  • 63 online courses
  • 228 resources
  • 15 videos
The Health and Safety (OHS & WHS) online courses ensuring staff understand their responsibilities depending on location and industry specific requirements. Manual handling techniques, fire safety and many more


  • 9 courses
  • 228 resources
  • 15 videos
The finance online learning module which is suited for “non-finance” managers and employees to assist in reducing the the knowledge gap and drive superior financial returns.

IT Skills

  • 50 courses
  • 99 resources
  • 69 videos
The IT skills e-learning courses covers basic training for Microsoft office courses (Word, Powerpoint, Word, Excel and outlook). Online training courses range from beginner to intermediate.

Project management

  • 26 courses
  • 99 resources
  • 69 videos
Providing knowledge to develop the skills necessary for effective project management through the Roubler online project management courses ideal for improving the teams ability to plan and execute on the delivery of projects


  • 109 courses
  • 84 resources
  • 66 videos
The online leadership e-learning courses provide staff and team leaders with the knowledge on key leadership and management principles including delegation, providing feedback and change management.

Health & Well-being

  • 24 courses
  • 19 resources
  • 11 videos
The health & wellbeing of the workforce is a critical component of a high performance workforce. The Roubler online health & well-being e-learning courses provides staff and managers with knowledge and training topics on personal health, eating, hygiene and many others


  • 58 courses
  • 36 resources
  • 30 videos
Online effective communication courses and training is suited to junior employees, team leaders and managers covering a wide range of topics ensuring effective communication strategies are adopted throughout the workplace.


  • 35 courses
  • 51 resources
  • 21 videos
Our online e-learning sales training courses cover key sales strategies and principles from initial lead generation, fostering the relationship and sale through to closing the deal.

Personal Development

  • 93 courses
  • 92 resources
  • 76 videos
The online personal development suite of e-learning courses provide opportunities for staff to improve themselves around a range of topics including managing stress, emotional intelligence and a wide variety of topics and areas to improve themselves and their effectiveness in their role.