Roubler’s scheduling software allows employees to swap shifts with others and update their schedule, all from the palm of their hand.

Remove roster confusion with integrated shift-swapping

There will always be instances that an employee cannot work their scheduled shift, but it doesn’t have to cause a headache.

Roubler’s scheduling software removes the miscommunications, confusion and manual schedule updates that occur when employees try to swap shifts via SMS, social media or email.  The entire shift swapping process can be conducted via the Roubler mobile app so it’s just as convenient as other communication methods.

laptop roubler screenshot
mobile roubler screenhot

Empower employees to manage their own schedules

Using Roubler’s Employee Self Service mobile app, employees can offer their shift to others in the same location. All employees in their location will be notified that a shift is available via email and push notification.

The shift remains in the employee’s schedule until it is accepted by another employee. If it cannot be swapped, the responsibility to work that shift remains with the employee.

Roubler’s shift swapping function works on a ‘first come first served basis’. All employees in that location are then notified that the shift has been accepted by another employee.

Control over scheduling without the effort

Managers can decide if they will allow shift-swapping. It can be easily turned on and off from within the Roubler manager portal.

Once the swapped shift is accepted by another employee, the schedule is automatically updated for both employees. No intervention is required by managers to manually update the schedule and redistribute it to employees.

Enabling shift swapping from the Roubler scheduling tool means that managers never need to wonder who is working a shift, and employees always have the most recent schedule on hand.

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