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Supercharging the Engagement of Your Employees

No matter how many employees are working for a business, whether it’s 2 or 2000, how they feel when they’re at work is an incredibly important factor to take into consideration. You should always be on the lookout for methods that help your business improve, and implementing changes you discover externally can make a fantastic difference in how effective your business is running.

Why is it important for your staff to be fully engaged?

  • Their productivity levels will be higher
  • It will help to reduce the amount of staff turnover
  • Allows for the highest standards in terms of customer service

The following eight strategies are all great ways to improve the performance of your employees through really understanding them and making them happy:

  1. Learn about their motivations

It might seem a bit obvious, but the more you know what motivates your staff, the more you’re able to work with them towards their personal goals. Listening is a very important aspect, and shows that you genuinely care about their aspirations and wellbeing. While it can prove to be quite difficult to be on a first-name basis with every single person in the office (especially when it’s a big office), you can take other steps that show you’re going out of your way to really know them on a personal level. Take everyone out for a team lunch once a month, or if that’s not possible simply sit down with them a few times a month during lunch and having a general chat

  1. Give them the opportunity to shine

When you put your staff in situations that don’t include any micro-management, it might surprise you what happens next. They’ll have the inspiration and motivation to push themselves harder and their confidence will increase. When the decisions are in their hands, it will improve their abilities to make decisions on their own and they’ll deliver better results.

  1. Keep it FUN

The importance of team building activities knows no bounds, but what makes it even more effective on the overall office morale is that it’s actually something they want to participate in. Put the power in their hands and get everyone to write down some activities you can all do together, then collate them all and put it to an office vote as to which they’d prefer to do. Whether it’s heading to the rugby, cooking up a barbecue or something else, it gives everyone (including you) a chance to unwind and talk with each other outside the workplace.

  1. Implement some friendly competitions

Give your staff a topic of conversation that’s NOT related to work by organising some sort of friendly competition. This can be anything from workplace footy tipping to a sort of mini-Olympics in the office, and can really provide a great amount of engagement.

  1. Get involved with a charity

There are many highly successful companies out there that have introduced community involvement through charitable activities, which has the ability to leave you and your employees feeling truly empowered. This is a fantastic idea because everybody involved wins – your staff have the opportunity to connect with one another and morale is increased dramatically (and it helps your public image), while the charity also sees obvious benefits.

  1. Ensure they know what their job entails

Employees who are unclear of what’s exactly included in their job description can become easily disengaged with the business they’re working for. A solid way to combat this issue is to provide them with continuous training that specifically details what they should be doing on a day-to-day basis, clearing up any confusion there may be.

  1. Back-and-forth feedback

Without providing them with feedback, how do they know whether they’re doing a good job? This really is and incredibly important factor to take on board; if they’re making errors it allows you to work with them to improve what they’re doing, and good feedback can do amazing things for their overall motivation and engagement with not just their job but your company.

It’s also important to consider feedback going the other way – that is, giving them the chance to make their voice heard with surveys on how you might improve different things. Have open group discussions with everybody and put together action plans as a team to achieve these changes.

  1. Conduct meetings one-on-one

Getting together one-on-one with your employees on a regular basis to talk about their goals and the steps they’re taking to achieve them builds trust and enables you to understand them better. It gives them the chance to talk about any issues they may be having such as work flow or something else, and gives you the opportunity to provide advice for them to overcome these issues. An employee who feels valued will most definitely be very engaged with the work they do.


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