Free Flexible Work Policy & Procedure

Free Flexible Work Policy & Procedure

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This flexible work policy and procedure sets out the circumstances in which requests for flexible working arrangements can be made by employees and the procedure for determining whether those requests may or may not be granted. The policy supports a diverse and inclusive workforce and recognises that many of its employees require working arrangements that are outside of the traditional full -time work structure.  The purpose of this policy and procedure is to allow greater flexibility for employees who require flexible work arrangements to suit their circumstances.

This flexible work policy template download includes:

  • Table of contents
  • Flexible Work overview
  • Policy Purpose
  • Definitions
  • Requesting flexible work arrangements
  • Parents / employees responsible for care of child
  • Short term or future flexible work requests
  • Making a flexible work request
  • Approving or refusing flexible work requests
  • Approving a flexible work request
  • Refusing a flexible request
  • Accommodating flexible work requests
  • Status of Flexible Working Arrangement
Free Flexible Work Policy & Procedure