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New Zealand’s transport and logistics industry is being squeezed for cost-efficiencies and is being expected to do more with less to remain competitive. There are also specific skill shortages whereby larger operations are expanding their candidate search nationally to secure the experience they need, especially for management roles overseeing large numbers of staff. There’s an increasing industry trend toward wanting staff with formal qualifications, with formal training and education required to move into an operational management or supervisory role. It’s also becoming increasingly important for candidates within the industry to possess not only the necessary technical skills and experience, but also relevant soft skills and having the right cultural fit. Yet how can you easily source the ‘best fit’ candidates who fulfil all these expectations? That’s where we can help.

Roubler is the only completely integrated, end-to-end HR and workforce management platform made specifically to address problems in the transport and logistics industry. It’s the simplest, easiest operational change that will deliver the greatest results. Increase cost-savings, efficiencies, productivity, and in turn, profitability. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

How it works
  • Overcome the complexities of managing large workforces

    Roubler is accessible anywhere, anytime, from any mobile device. One, simple, easy-to-use workforce solution that streamlines and automates all back-end functions, making life easier for both you and your staff.

  • Maximise efficiencies using global and national comparisons

    Operating world-wide, Roubler has access to live employee lifecycle performance data from the transport & logistics industry at a global and national level. To determine your workforce’s ‘best match’ formula, this rich global data is localised, consolidated and overlaid to your workforce and analysed in detail to identify what works and doesn’t work, specific to your workforce needs. With this sophisticated technology you can always be assured you’ll get the best employment outcome that’s competitive on a global and national scale.

  • Communicate with employees instantly

    Communicating with staff has never been easier. Staff have 24/7 access to their personal profiles to make updates, view rosters or payroll info, or lodge leave requests. Staff also receive SMS, email and push notifications through their mobile about shift details, reminders or changes.

End to End Features

Take advantage of Roubler’s job ad model to select your candidate requirements such as training and certifications. With just one click, Roubler will advertise your position across several job sites to catch the attention of hundreds of potential employees. Roubler’s intelligent algorithm will then shortlist and rank which applicants are most suitable for your unique workforce requirements.

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Using inbuilt machine learning algorithms and online intelligence, Roubler will rank and rate each candidate. This rating is based on past job performance, suitability and workplace fit to distinguish which candidates are the best matched for your requirements. Just as culture differs from one workplace to another, the Roubler Rating assigned to candidates will differ between organisations. This ensures that you get the best, quality candidates who are the right match with your workplace.

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Each driver, machinery operator and warehouse staff member will need a unique and varying induction to your workplace. Roubler’s software allows you to tailor-make the onboarding process for each new employee. Upload warehouse procedures, industry requirements, and safety manuals into Roubler’s system so that each new staff member is prepped for their first day. Plus, Roubler will auto-fill personal details from the resume to eradicate data entry.

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Create your roster yourself or have Roubler ‘auto roster’ it for you using information from previous rosters as well as cost/performance data. With your approval, Roubler auto-fills any last-minute vacancies with staff members that are marked as available. Once you’ve approved your roster, staff are notified directly through SMS, email and push notifications.

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Roubler allows employee to sign in and out in real-time with an online timeclock accessible through their own mobile or a designated device in the workplace. Employees are reminded to sign in when detected within 15 metres of the workplace and will ensure they sign in at the scheduled start of the shift, rather than at the time of arrival. These automated processes help you gather precise data in real-time while preventing dishonest behaviour and time theft.

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Stay fully up-to-date on each employee’s performance, as well as site-wide safety. Roubler reduces safety risk by making sure all staff members have undertaken the necessary safety training requirements at specific stages throughout their employee lifecycle. Roubler also lets you track the performance of each driver and machinery operator, to ensure all tasks are being completed for optimal profitability.

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Your industry features large workforces as well as a diversity of varying contracts. As a result, payroll can turn into a time-consuming task that is vulnerable to easy slipups. Regulations change frequently, and keeping up can be a hassle. Roubler can easily manage your payroll in compliance with all industry regulations, helping you avoid costly backpay and fines whilst giving you peace of mind that each pay run will be accurate, compliant, and on-time.

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