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Roubler and PS. Cafe

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From beginnings as a souvenir t-shirt company in 1989, Project Shop partners Philip Chin, Peter Teo and Richard Chamberlain have grown their business into PS. Café, operating in 12 locations throughout Singapore. PS Café fuses a modern and retro feel into their venues, serving gourmet Cafe style food and a wide range of homemade desserts. With amazing growth comes the need for amazing HR technology. Roubler now helps them manage a workforce of 550 staff with ease.

"It saves me time, it’s efficient. I’m able to plan my schedule correctly and one top of that I’m able to cost it out and I know what I’m spending for a week which helps me and my business."
PS Cafe customer
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  • 550 employees across 12 venues
  • Legacy systems unable to communicate with each other
  • Multiple systems resulting in rekeying of data
  • Challenges updating and communicating schedules to staff
  • No real-time data for reporting
  • Project management of new system roll-out to multiple sites
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  • The new all-in-one system allows visibility across all systems.
  • Consolidation of operational and transactional HR systems is giving PS Cafe greater data integrity and faster flow-through of data.
  • Roubler’s smart rostering tool with automatic costing and real time costs on end of day shifts is enabling management to make better decisions.
  • Roubler installed the system and trained all staff over two months between June and July 2018, managing the process from start to finish.

We have four different brands and ten different restaurants throughout Singapore. That means we have a lot of people working for us, both full-time and part-time. We have chefs, waiters, bartenders, food runners. So Roubler really helps us get their rosters to them, up-to-date, on their phones, the very second it’s ready; we can publish their leave; so it really helps us organise a really big workforce. Roubler’s been really helpful as well with the whole process from start to finish, making sure everyone knows what they’ve got to do, and fully trained. Roubler’s been really helpful!
Alison Berry, Operations Manager for PS. Gourmet

Besides my day to day operation, I do have other administrative challenges, and one of them is planning schedules and rostering my staff on a weekly basis. Using Excel can be messy and painful, and communicating it through Whatsapp, things might go wrong along the way. Therefore, we went out and looked for a solution and we found Roubler.
Roubler is easy, simple and time efficient. Just a click away and you publish the whole schedule. It saves me time, it’s efficient. I’m able to plan my schedule correctly and one top of that I’m able to cost it out and I know what I’m spending for a week which helps me and my business.
Anthony Joseph, Manager PS. Café, 1 Fullerton

Recently I’ve been given a Roubler account and it’s really cool because it easy to check my schedule in real-time.
Jasmine, part-time floor staff at PS. Café, 1 Fullerton

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