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Roubler and Nodo

Roubler and Nodo Donuts

Nodo (pronounced “no-dough”) is a modern, new age multi-site healthy Donut retail and wholesale operation. Nodo has grown into an institution for people who love these healthy and gluten free ingredients. Founder, Kate Williams, implemented Roubler’s workforce management and payroll system into the multi-site operation in 2017 to streamline the Time & Attendance, rostering and eliminate the burden that was previously involved in producing the weekly payroll.

"My staff are very important to me, so I want to make sure that our business is compliant when it comes to the awards system. Roubler offers me that comfort."

Kate Williams Nodo Donuts Founder


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  • Multiple sites with a mix of casual, part-time and full-time staff
  • Several incompatible software systems for time and attendance, rostering and payroll
  • Outdated systems that staff find hard to engage with
  • Payroll errors due to an ever-changing and complex awards system
  • Busy retail environment, with no time to waste on manual HR and incompatible software
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  • One seamless interface across all sites for all HR requirements, from recruitment to payroll
  • Staff engagement with the easy-to-use interface
  • Increased efficiency and cost reductions for more time to focus on core business goals
  • On-time, fully compliant payroll

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Nodo is renowned for donuts, that’s how we started the business. It’s very different from a normal donut. I’m running multiple sites and I needed a solution to help with my staff management in a busy retail environment, and Roubler just ticked all those boxes. I love the look and feel of Roubler. It’s very clean and tidy, and it does everything I wanted to do. It’s a very cool software product. My staff are really eager to get on board with Roubler because it is so easy to use, which makes my life really easy. The compliance aspect is really important to me and my brand. My staff are very important to me so I want to make sure that our business is compliant when it comes to the awards system, and Roubler offers me that comfort. Roubler is the one system I have to engage with every day, I just don’t have the time to manage multiple software products. Roubler offers me all the information I need in the palm of my hand. Payroll is really easy. With one touch, my payroll is complete. That’s all I’ve got to do. So I’ve got more time for making donuts. Kate Williams, Nodo Donuts Founder