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roubler payroll

A Reporting Solution for experts

Roubler’s automated and real time reporting and dashboards has been created by payroll professionals for payroll professionals. We manage large payroll ourselves across many industries, countries and businesses. We understand that payroll reporting is a critical part of the payroll function and as such have a comprehensive reporting suite along with sophisticated reporting packs and report filters to ensure you have access to the right information at your fingertips.

Convenient Functionality

Roubler provides the ability to filter reports a range of fields for example date range, employing entity, pay schedule, workplace, site, office, location and many more. Roubler can then produce this file in any format you require exporting payroll reports to PDF, CSV or excel format.

payroll filter payroll exporting

All your reporting needs in one click

Pay Run Reports

  • Pay Run Audit
  • Pay Run Variance
  • Pay Run Comparison
  • Derailed Activity Reports
  • Costing Report

Employee Reports

  • Employee Details
  • Employee Details Audit Report
  • Employee Qualifications
  • Employee Birthdays
  • Emergency Contact Details

Legislated Liabilities Reports

  • Payroll Tax Report
  • PAYG Withholding
  • Super Contributions

Leave Reports

  • Leave Balances
  • Leave Liabilities
  • Leave History

ATO Reports

  • Tax File Declarations
  • Payment Summaries

Time & Attendance Reports

  • Timesheets
  • Kiosk Activity Report

Payroll summaries in your pocket. Whenever you need it.

One System.

See how Roubler combines every aspect of HR & payroll into one seamless cloud-based system for simpler workforce management and better business and employee performance.

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