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Workforce management designed for your industry

Roubler’s intuitive all-in-one software has been built specifically for shift-based workforces like yours.


The retail industry has been hit hard and fast by recent global events. With a growing need to cut costs and refine workforce efficiencies, the pressure is on to have the right workforce management systems in place to remain resilient and ready for the new normal of work.

We understand how much work it is managing a workforce – from staying compliant with relevant legislation to keeping labour costs under control. Roubler’s all-in-one software solution helps you simplify compliance with payroll, keep teams engaged with employee self service, schedule rosters at the click of a button using AI technology, and so much more.

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In these times of economic instability, it is more difficult than ever for businesses to reduce costs while maintaining the high standard of service they are known for. Saving money and creating efficiencies is critical in the hospitality industry. That’s where Roubler comes in.

Roubler helps you manage shift-based teams by streamlining roster creation, optimising labour costs, staying on top of workplace hygiene practices with contactless clocking, and keeping your team running efficiently throughout the seasonality of the hospitality industry. With an all-in-one system, even when times get tough, you can concentrate on what matters the most – providing exceptional service.

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The manufacturing industry is set to boom, with improved government incentives and rising consumer demand for local products beginning to drive new growth in the sector. On top of it all, digital transformation is accelerating the industry while providing more opportunities to
innovate and excel.

The complexity and competitiveness of the manufacturing industry makes managing your workforce a 24/7 job. Roubler provides you with a full view of labour efficiency, wage costs and timesheets anywhere, any time. Your entire team from the shop floor to the top floor can remain constantly connected and engaged with the convenience of an employee app that provides them with rosters, HR policies and much more.

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Food processing & FMCG

The food processing and FMCG industries are facing unprecedented pressures with ever-evolving digitalisation, and new efficiencies creating constant competition from global players. Now more than ever, it’s vital to ensure your workplace remains safe, hygienic and efficient to remain on top of the food chain.

Roubler’s all-in-one solution can help you create workforce efficiencies to stay competitive. Create labour-efficient rosters with AI smart rostering that gives you visibility over costs. Allow your team to clock in and out of their shifts using their mobile devices, ridding them of unhygienic communal time and attendance sheets. The employee self service app allows you to conduct Covid-related health checks with set questionnaires prior to clocking in.

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With less time and resources to spare, a volatile global market and a rapidly changing climate, the agriculture industry is facing more tension than ever. Roubler’s cloud-based technology lets farming, grazing, horticulture and agri-business operations run at their optimum efficiency and profitability by streamlining HR and payroll procedures.

Make every hour of field and office work count with Roubler’s all-in-one workforce management software. We understand how much work goes into running an agri-business and how challenging it can be to stay on top of workforce efficiencies. Provide your HR and payroll teams with smart AI rostering and real-time data from time and attendance that helps them get their jobs done faster.

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Constantly providing patients with a high standard of care is paramount in the healthcare industry. With mounting pressures globally and the ever-changing economic situation, creating efficiencies and focusing on hygiene across the entire medical workforce is key.

Help empower your workforce by providing them with the right tools to deliver high-quality care. Roubler’s all-in-one workforce management software helps your team stay connected, safe and hygienic with an employee app that allows them to clock in and out of their phones, answer preset Covid-19 related questions and access resources such as rosters, policies and procedures.

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