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Running a non profit business or charity isn’t about the money, yet money is critical to your mission. Roubler gets this. Our easy-to-use interface provides everything you need to know about your non profit or charity at your fingertips. Easily onboard the perfect volunteer, who Roubler picked out of a pool of candidates based on their perfect fit for your requirements.

Roubler’s cloud-based software allows you to keep tabs of all your expenses from anywhere, at any time. Share donation and expenses data with shareholders in an instant, and approve time and attendance data from multi-site offices. Don’t waste your valuable time on monotonous admin and HR tasks, and get back to your philanthropic mission.

Roubler is proud to be a leading corporate citizen, and we happily provide workforce management assistance to registered charities. We take pride in being able to do our little bit for society. Please contact us today to discuss the most appropriate set up for your charity today.

How it works
  • Gain More Time to Spend on Your Organisation

    Completely eliminate paper handling and manual data entry with Roubler. All administrative tasks can be completed on your phone in just a few minutes, so that you have more time to give to your organisation.

  • Cut Costs Spent on Training and Inducting

    Don’t waste time or money on printing training manuals, or employing external training platforms that are clunky and inefficient. Roubler includes customisable induction software that your new employees or volunteers can access anywhere, anytime through their phone or computer. You can seamlessly update and adapt training package for individual employees, so that you’re confident each member of your non profit is performing their best from day one.

  • Communicate with employees and volunteers instantly

    Roubler makes it painless to communicate with your team of employees, stakeholders and volunteers. Each member of your charity or non profit team can access and update their personal profile 24/7 to reflect the completion of training or new personal details. Plus, they can easily access their roster and payslips and be alerted via notification or SMS of any changes. Keep your team on the same page to help better achieve your organisation’s mission.

End to End Features

Create your own customised careers page in minutes to reflect the values, ethics and ideals of your non profit organisation or charity. Attract only those applicants who have the right experience for your role. Whether it be a volunteer or an employee required, post your role requirements across several recruitment sites in order to find the perfect person for the position.

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Non profits and charities require unique individuals with a specialised skill-set, a specific demeanour and the right experience. You rarely have the resources to spend hours assessing applicants. Roubler can do this leg work for you. The algorithm will assess all applicants for their aptness to the specific requirements of your non profit, and present to you the top 10% of applicants.

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No non profits operate exactly the same, and we understand this. That’s why our software for onboarding allows you to tailor the induction each volunteer or employee undertakes. Produce the perfectly trained volunteer every time, well-equipped to help you achieve your mission.

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Often, non profits and charities operate over several sites, and even countries. Shifts can be anything from a day in the office making phone calls, to giving a talk at a function. Managing such a complex roster is easy with Roubler. Our rostering software is live and fully-costed, and lets you change the roster at any time, notifying each employee and volunteer via our mobile app.

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Because the roster can be so invariable, time and attendance can become a bother for your non profit. Roubler lets your employees seamlessly log their time and attendance with our inbuilt time clock. Plus, you’ll never have to waste money on hours not actually worked.

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Complete transparency is essential for non profits and charities. Roubler’s business analytics offers a wide range of business metrics so that you can make faster and more informed decisions about your non profit. Quickly generate reports to see what’s working for your organisation, and what’s not.

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Never be caught out accidentally paying the incorrect wage. Roubler’s payroll software will take care of managing the pay for split-shifts, superannuation, and overtime with 100% industry regulation compliance.

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