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The manufacturing industry in Malaysia is facing some tough HR struggles. Recent research shows that the industry is struggling to focus on workforce development, cost competitiveness and productivity. The manufacturing industry is always working to meet tangible deadlines. You constantly need to be producing new products for the market. Increased efficiency is absolutely key in this line of work, as is high levels of quality. Roubler understands this. We want to help you achieve the well-managed, high-skilled and hard-working workforce that you require to gain the competitive edge in your field.

With Roubler, you can eliminate time and money spent upgrading incompatible HR systems, and focus your attention on core manufacturing tasks.

How it works
  • Cut Down on Training Time

    Training new employees for your factory can be a time-consuming task in the manufacturing industry. Roubler is designed to let you tailor make an induction program specific not just to your industry, but to your own factory. Cover everything from safety and compliance training to machinery operating instructions within our one app.

  • Stop Time Theft

    With Roubler, employees must clock in and out on live timeclocks via their mobile app or a designated workplace device. When Roubler’s software detects that an employee is within 15 metres of work, they will be reminded to clock in. Plus, it will ensure they clock on for the start of their shift – not earlier. That way, you only pay for the shift you accounted for in your wages.

  • Manage your labour costs

    You’ll always know what you’re spending with Roubler. Our software utilises optimum performance/cost ratios within the automated rostering process. We help you set your roster for maximum performance at the lowest costs so that your manufacturing team is always working at its peak.

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