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Time & Attendance

T&A system How to’s & training, learning, knowledge base. Find important information for Roubler’s Time & Attendance Software

Does Roubler enable the supervisor to compare rostered to actual attendance?

Yes. Roubler provides a business intelligence dashboard that supervisors can use to compare rostered to actual attendance in real time. This can be based on the current day, week or month as well as historical information. Within Roubler’s T&A module, the supervisor is also presented with an employee’s rostered shift times, actual clock times and the supervisor then has the ability to approve, reject or edit actual payroll times.

Roubler also has automatic rostering and machine learning whereby Roubler actually learns what trends or preferences occur in the roster from each period.

Does Roubler provide for multiple mechanisms for recording attendance?

Roubler’s time and attendance module allows both a direct feed of biometric attendance data and manual data entry of rostered attendance. Roubler has built propriety automated facial recognition clock in and out function which provides for significant cost savings in eliminating both time theft along with the administration burden and cost of swipe tags.

Can Roubler enable review of every shift attendance for the supervisor with an option to approve or reject the attendance record?

Roubler’s time and attendance module provides a complete breakdown of every shift attended by an employee. In this module supervisors have the ability to approve, reject or edit attendance data before it is committed to payroll