Facial recognition time & attendance system

Roubler’s best in class facial recognition face scanning time clock system is being developed entirely with the end user in mind. Employee time & attendance management has been a constant challenge for employers throughout Australia. Roubler’s sophisticated and reliable technology will utilise any tablet or mobile device to capture employees attendance and avoid time theft and false logins.

roubler time and attendance
roubler mobile screenshot

Bundy clocks & fingerprint scanning

The traditional employee bundy clock and biometric finger print time and attendance systems have been highly regarded and widely used in workplaces for many years. The speed of technological change has provided for advancements in workplace time and attendance systems and is allowing Roubler to adapt this biometric system to the application of facial recognition.

No need for swipe card or key tags

Facial recognition time and attendance systems are truly “contactless” meaning you’ll no longer need to worry about the expense and administrative burden of managing the issue and replacement of swipe tags or key tags for your time clock.

roubler schedule screenshot
three different roubler mobile screenshots

Machine learning facial recognition

Roubler’s deep learning technology will allow employers to have absolute confidence in their facial recognition time and attendance system. As Roubler’s timeclock scans the face of each employee, it will continue to learn any changes to the face of that particular employee. For example, if the employee starts wearing glasses or grows facial hair, Roubler’s technology will continue to learn and update its database and algorithm.

Remove time theft & buddy punching

Facial recognition is entirely accurate and secure with no opportunity for employees to buddy punch or clock in or out for fellow employee. Time theft through proxy attendance by employees in the workplaces is reported to cost employers approximately four and a half hours per week, totaling nearly six full weeks per year.