Have full visibility of all your departments, work areas, and even separate stores or work-sites all from the one scheduling tool.

Create multi-site rosters from the one application

Multi-site scheduling capability saves you the headache of remembering multiple logins by keeping all your sites on one account. Not only will this reduce the time it takes to build schedules for several work areas or locations, it helps you avoid assigning the same employee to work shifts at different locations at the same time.

laptop roubler screenshot
mobile roubler screenhot


Easily view the scheduling information you need.

Roubler’s Scheduling tool doesn’t just help you create rosters, it’s a powerful information tool. Filter your view of each roster by employment type, position type, shift type or location for a quick and easy way to assess the labor costs, head count, resource distribution, number of each role type rostered on and much more.

By seeing who is rostered for shifts – both past, present and future – you can make informed decisions about performance issues, identify trends and allocate staff more effectively.