Move to a fast, secure and more accurate way to capture time and attendance data with Roubler’s Time and Attendance Kiosk.

Mobile device enabled time and attendance kiosk.

Our tablet time and attendance kiosks are the safest, most accurate way for your employees to record start, finish and break times.

Located in a convenient part of your premises, your employees simply enter their PIN on the tablet and select clock in, clock out, break start or break end. No pens, paper or messy clipboards needed.

  • Roubler’s tablet time and attendance kiosks are expertly installed in your premises by our staff.
  • Full training on our time and attendance software is provided to managers and employees.
  • Unlike paper timesheets, time and attendance kiosk data is safe from spills, knocks and rips.
  • Roubler is developing facial recognition capability to provide a higher level of security.
laptop roubler screenshot
mobile roubler screenhot

Record clock-ins, clock-outs and breaks in real time.

Paper timesheets and excel spreadsheets are open to error, resulting in expensive back-pay runs and payments for unauthorised – and often unnecessary – overtime.

Roubler’s tablet time and attendance kiosk automatically records the exact time an employee selects the clock in, clock out, break start or break end buttons.

  • Times do not have to be manually entered or corrected.
  • Time and attendance data is protected from unauthorised changes.
  • Timesheets are automatically produced based on the data collected.
  • You can be 100% confident that your time and attendance data is accurate.