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Managing an enterprise, or a large company, is a huge organisational and managerial challenge. Your workforce consists of many, many employees and managing each of them for their maximum potential typically requires a lot of effort. When managing such a large company, it is hugely beneficial to employ workforce management software. With Roubler, you will completely eliminate all manual data entry and administrative tasks. This will save your company countless hours, and big bucks. You will have complete transparency throughout your company, with a range of performance analytics available in the palm of your hand. Drastically cut down on your overheads, and heighten your employees’ productivity and your company’s profitability with Roubler today.

How it works
  • Manage Your Entire Workforce via Mobile

    In a large business, it is all too easy to lose track of staff management. Due to their size, numerous large businesses or enterprises aren’t performing at their maximum potential in terms of profitability and productivity. Roubler is the way around this struggle. Roubler’s cloud-based workforce management software lets you manage your entire workforce via your mobile device. In seconds, produce reports to identify your best and worst performers across the company. Easily add new training modules for under-performing staff to improve. Sync leave calendars and unavailability’s so your entire workforce can remain up-to-date.

  • Hire Best Fit Staff for Your Skills Gaps

    You’ve realised there’s a skills gaps across the board in your business. You want to rectify this straight away, but you don’t have a HR manager or hours spare to get recruiting. Roubler has you covered. Quickly generate a careers page for your business, and our system will share your ad across several sites. Next, our unique machine learning algorithm will inspect and evaluate each job application to your precise role outline. Roubler will present to you the top 10% of potential employees to interview. It’s that easy, every time.

  • Improve Efficiencies by Centralising Your HR Function

    As a large business, you already have a large number of overheads required to keep things running smoothly, and to ensure employees are satisfied. HR and administrative tasks, payroll, and data entry should not account for any of these costs – and if they do, you could be saving a lot of time and money by employing a workforce management system. By leveraging our platform to centralise HR functions, you will significantly reduce the amount of money you spend running your company, and you’ll free up valuable time to focus on your business’s core goals.

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