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The food processing and FMCG industry is facing unprecedented competition from global players. The industry is being squeezed for cost-efficiencies and expected to do more with less to remain competitive. There’s also the challenge that it’s subject to more stringent hygiene and health and safety rules than most other sectors, so the quality of your staff, their training and their approach to safety is paramount. Overlay these broad industry challenges with day-to-day issues of absenteeism, high staff turnover, lack of skilled workers and workforce seasonality, it’s no wonder you’re searching for a solution.

Roubler is an end-to-end HR and workforce management solution with a host of fully integrated features that dramatically reduce the pressure caused by pain points found specifically in the food processing and FMCG industry. Whether you’re managing it all yourself, or you have an internal HR team to do it for you, Roubler maximises efficiencies by completely removing back-office admin, data-entry and double handling tasks.

How it works
  • Ensure staff are adequately trained

    Roubler delivers all training and inductions to employees at any time and place with programs assigned by role, individually or as needed. Add and update packages whenever you need to or access a preferred provider through Roubler’s integrated third-party feature. This ensures your entire team is equipped for efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

  • Remain competitive with global and local comparisons

    Roubler has access to both national and global live data outlining employee performance level over their lifecycle. This online intelligence is used to create a “best match” formula for your workplace, overlaid to your workforce and analysed in great detail to recognise what will suit your needs. Using this cutting edge technology allows you to earn full peace of mind when hiring by knowing you can achieve a desirable employment outcome that’s competitive on a national and global scale.

  • Overcome the complexities of managing large workforces

    You can access Roubler wherever and whenever you need to. It’s one simple, easy-to-use workforce solution that’s accessible from any mobile device and streamlines all back-end administrative functions to help you focus on running your organisation.

End to End Features

Create the perfect job ad for your food processing business, detailing exactly what you’re after in a new employee in order to fill a skills gap and grow the company. Roubler then posts your job ad automatically across a broad network of job boards and be given an instant shortlist of candidates based on organisational fit, qualifications and skills. 

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The food processing industry requires a specific type of employee, and we know that. Roubler examines and ranks all potential candidates for your job vacancy. This is done by a combination of inbuilt machine learning algorithms and online intelligence. Each potential employee is assessed based on their skills, past performance and workplace fit. Have confidence that Roubler is only suggesting candidates that will create success for your food processing business.

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Each food processing plant is unique, and requires specialised training. We understand that, so we designed our onboarding software to be fully customisable. Upload the required induction and training induction for each new starter. Roubler will auto-fill personal details from the resume, and the employee can fill the rest out in the app. It’s never been easier to onboard a new employee.

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Rosters can be automatically generated based on employee’s availability and data on which shifts are conducive to high performance. Roubler’s inbuilt learning algorithm creates the best possible roster on your behalf and submits it to you for approval in a single swipe, giving you a time-efficient way to generate optimal rosters for employee satisfaction and workplace productivity.

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Food processing teams are generally large in numbers, and as a result time and attendance can be hard to keep track of. Roubler’s in built time clock gets employees signing in and out on their exact rostered shift. Approving the days’ timesheets is as easy as a swipe, and then all T&A data is seamlessly imported into the payroll portal. No more manual data entry errors, or paying for hours not scheduled.

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In your industry, it is of the utmost importance that you keep on top of staff performance. Productivity is extremely important, as is ensuring each staff member complies with all safety and hyenine regulations. Roubler provides a snapshot of how each team member is performing in terms of efficiency, and will send you alerts if protocol is breached. Roubler will help you foster an efficient and compliant team.

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With long hours, overtime, and leave all accumulating quickly in the food processing industry, it can become difficult to keep on top of your payroll. Roubler can completely eliminate that burden from your list of to-dos. We are experts in calculating payroll for split-shifts, overtime, and superannuation. Always have a reliable and accurate payroll.

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