Integrated scheduling and leave management tools help you create accurate employee schedules without having to cross-check with leave calendars.

Avoid scheduling clashes with unavailability alerts

When employees are place on a shift they can’t work, it’s not only frustrating for them, but it creates extra work for you re-assigning their shift to someone else.

Roubler’s scheduling tool prevents this from happening by alerting you if you try assign a shift to an employee who is unavailable or on leave. This means you can spend less time creating schedules and more time working on other important tasks.

laptop roubler screenshot
mobile roubler screenhot

View all leave and unavailability without changing applications

Roubler’s leave management and scheduling tools work together to allow you to view all approve leave and unavailability without having to leave your roster and open a new screen or application.

This puts valuable time back in your hands and streamlines your scheduling.