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  • Improve your overall efficiency by relinquishing HR burden

    Complete all of your HR admin – hiring, rostering, managing, and paying your employees – much more efficiently than ever before. Roubler takes advantage of an intuitive algorithm to complete all mundane and laborious administrative errands in minutes, all you have to do is click. Roubler takes care of HR so you can focus on completing your important projects.

  • Hire well-trained and experienced staff

    Once you’ve posted a job ad with Roubler, each candidate is automatically assessed with a ranking out of 100. Roubler considers previous job performance, their fit for your workplace culture, and their suitability to the specific role requirements. Only interview people who can truly contribute to your Government agency.

  • Maintain complete transparency

    With media scrutiny of Government agencies more intense than it has ever been, it’s crucial that your agency be fully transparent. Roubler allows you to generate reports to demonstrate exactly what your agency is achieving, as well as detailed analysis of compliant payroll.


Make a personalised careers page for your agency in minutes. Design your recruitment page to reflect the values and aspirations of your agency to appeal to those who would best excel in your environment. Post the requirements of your role across numerous job sites to access the best possible pool of applicants.

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The work of each Government agency is typically highly specialised. Each role needs well-trained employees who can complete bulky tasks in an efficient manner. You don’t have limitless time to evaluate hundreds of applications for your position. That’s why Roubler assesses, shortlists, and ranks applicants for you. We present to you the top 10% of candidates based on their suitability to your specific agency requirements.

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Each Government agency has specific induction requirements. Our customisable onboarding tool allows you to tailor the information staff receive upon employment, fully equipping them for the tasks ahead.

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Scheduling with Roubler is seamless. Our rostering platform offers maximum employee engagement, as well as maximum visibility across your agency. Our scheduling software has inbuilt costing, so you always have accurate and current wage forecasts. Plus, you can easily manage multi-sites from the same software, all in the palm of your hand.

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Time and Attendance

Time and attendance is also hassle-free with Roubler. Roubler’s inbuilt time clock intuitively collects data on time worked. Manage employee punctuality and time theft – never pay for hours not actually worked by the employee. Roubler will also seamlessly manage any overtime accrued during a large project.

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Business Intelligence.

Roubler’s business intelligence provides you detailed insights into the efficiency of your workforce. Access live performance dashboards to see which staff members in your agency are most productive, and those who aren’t. Quickly generate reports on all aspects of the workforce, including staff turnover, lateness, skills assessment, overtime and more. Increase your agencies efficiency with the click of a button.

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Fully managed payroll

Roubler’s intelligent payroll software will mean that your staff will always be paid in compliance with employment regulations, even if you have a complicated mix of contracted, casual, and full-time employees. Never face negative press, fines, or backpay due to a non-compliant payroll.

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