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  • Easily Schedule for 24 Hour Days.

    Your call centre’s roster can sometimes be 24/7, which can be a serious hassle to schedule for. Roubler’s intelligent scheduling system works in real-time to put together a roster of staff that work most efficiently together. Our software can put together a roster for you based on cost and performance data, or you can manually enter certain hours. Plus, you can easily fill last-minute vacancies through the app by contacting available employees instantly.

  • Ensure Staff are Trained in the Latest Technologies.

    In order to provide the best customer service, all of your call centre agents need to be fully trained in all of the latest technologies. Roubler can ensure that all of your agents are up to speed. Our software allows you to upload personalised training materials through our third-party integration. Making sure that all of your employees are confident in their ability to provide assistance to all customers will improve productivity and revenue.

  • View Workforce Performance Live.

    In the call centre industry, you need your staff to be performing at their very best every shift. Every call needs to be handled with the utmost customer care. Roubler lets you track exactly how your call agents are performing. Our software tracks key metrics such as shift management, productivity levels, lateness, absenteeism, and skill level in order to indicate your best and worst performers. These metrics can be combined in real-time to give you a unique performance metric. For example, your team is currently working at 75.2% but within a few minutes it could drop to 70% due to a late starter. Keep your team performing at 100% with Roubler.


Generate your personalised careers page in no time to reflect the fast-paced and driven environment of your call centre. Entice only those potential employees who have the appropriate experience and attitude for the role. Roubler will then post your ad across multiple recruitment sites in the US so that you can hire from the best possible selection of candidates.

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Working in a call centre necessitates specific qualities, attitudes and experience. In such a fast-paced environment, it’s difficult to find the time to sift through resumes to find the perfect employee. That’s why Roubler’s software will do it for you. Our unique algorithm will assess all applicants for their suitability to the precise requirements of your call centre. You’ll then be presented with the top 10% of candidates to examine. It’s that easy.

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Each call centre has specific customer service language, policies and guides. We understand that you’ll want to onboard your employees in your own manner, and our software allows you to do just that. You can tailor the introduction each of your employees receives upon employment. Plus, our software will import all employee details from the resume. Train the perfect call centre agent every time.

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Scheduling can be a nightmare when your call centre is open such long hours. If your call centre operates complicated hours or across multiple sites, Roubler is the best way to roster. Our scheduling software can automatically produce a roster for you based on availabilities, costings, and staff efficiencies. Roster your call centre to its maximum potential.

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Time and Attendance

You constantly have employees starting and finishing shifts, which can be painful for gathering time and attendance data. With Roubler, your staff simply have to clock in and out on their phone or workplace device at the beginning and end of a scheduled shift. This time and attendance data is automatically processed into the payroll portal. No data entry or time wasted.

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Business Intelligence.

Your business is customer care, so it’s essential for you to be able to track the performance of your employees. Our business intelligence allows you to view in real-time exactly how your workforce is performing to identify skills and training gaps.

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Fully managed payroll

With shifts split throughout the day, varying remuneration rates and overtime, pay can easily be miscalculated. Roubler can completely manage your payroll for you. Our payroll service is compliant with all industry employment regulations, are we are experts in navigating complicated pay runs.

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