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  • Access the Payroll System Anytime, Anywhere

    Roubler’s cloud software allows you to manage payroll for your clients from any location on your mobile device. Increase your efficiency and save time by having time and attendance data directly imported into the payroll portal. Plus, Roubler’s multi-site functionality allows you to manage a client’s payroll across several offices.

  • Ensure Complete Employment Regulation Compliance

    Roubler stores all employee data within the system for the entire employee lifecycle. From this data, Roubler automatically calculates the appropriate remuneration for each staff member against the relevant industry regulations. Roubler is fully compatible with your accounting software, so when payroll is completed, this information will be updated in your accounting software. Manual data entry is completely eliminated, which drastically reduces the chance of errors.

  • Full Transparency and Accuracy

    Roubler offers a wide range of payroll reporting options. The system will automatically generate reporting on pay, taxes, and employee leave. Hence, your clients can see exactly where their money is going, and you’ll be able to present all documents needed if you are audited.


With Roubler, your client will be able to generate a tailored careers page in minutes that reflects the environment of their workforce. Roubler’s advanced software will post your client’s ad across several job sites in the US, so you will be able to offer your clients access to the best possible pool of candidates for their open position.

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Each workforce and industry requires tailored, specifically skilled staff in order to heighten efficiency and profitability. Your clients will no doubt be seeking a certain type of employee, and Roubler can help them better assess their candidates. With Roubler, you can offer your clients a software that will sift through all applications to their position and assess them for certain qualities, attitudes and experience. Then, it will present them with the top 10% of candidates.

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Your client likely operates their workforce in a unique manner. As a result, they’re likely to want to onboard each new staff member in a tailored way. Roubler’s software will present your client with the option to customise the onboarding process and induction materials provided to each new starter. They’ll be able to access it online prior to commencement, so they’re fully prepped from day one. Plus, Roubler’s software imports all employee personal details from the resume into the system. Help your client seamlessly onboard each new employee.

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As American businesses extend their trading hours to keep up with global competition, scheduling has become somewhat of a difficult and time-consuming task. Regardless of your client’s schedule complexity, or if they operate across several sites, Roubler will be able to streamline their rostering process. Offer your client our intelligent scheduling software, that can automatically generate a roster for them based on availabilities, costings, and staff efficiencies. Encourage your clients to roster their workforce to its maximum potential.

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Time and Attendance

Just as increased hours have complicated scheduling, time and attendance is much more susceptible to error in the current climate. Your client likely has staff commencing and finishing shifts at varying times, which can be difficult for collecting T&A data. With Roubler, you will be able to offer your staff the most efficient method of time and attendance. Your client’s employees simply sign in and out of their shift via their mobile device, a generated timesheet will be sent to the manager for approval before automatically importing to payroll. No wasteful data entry or errors.

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Business Intelligence.

Offer your clients the benefit of full transparency into how their staff are performing. Across industries, it’s crucial for managers to be able to keep track of how each employee is going. Roubler’s business analytics tool will allow your client to view in real-time the performance all their whole workforce, all from the palm of their hand. They’ll easily be able to identify skills and training gaps.

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Fully managed payroll

With Roubler, you’re guaranteed the correct payroll every single time. Save hours of manual data entry with our cloud software which integrates time and attendance with the payroll function. Never worry about errors in hours worked – staff have to clock in and out on their device for a pre-scheduled shift. So, hours will always be entered correctly. Our software can easily manage any complicated mix of casual, part-time, and full-time employees. It can seamlessly sort out the remuneration for any split-shifts, superannuation payments, and overtime. Plus, our live reporting function means that you can supply your client a full account of wages paid when it's requested.

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