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Four Easy Steps to Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re not online, you’re not being seen. Businesses that are still actively avoiding LinkedIn are beginning to witness the repercussions in both B2B leads and brand awareness aspects. So what exactly is the big problem with not having a profile on this social media giant?

This may be a bit of an obvious benefit to point out, but it is likely that your prospective customers and business networking targets are searching for you on LinkedIn, only to find out you’re nowhere to be found. Moreover, having a profile on this network means it’s one of the first results returned on Google, if you’re authoritative enough.

To do this effectively, there’s a few little tricks you can take for a spin to optimise your LinkedIn profile and be seen on the likes of search engines…

Keep it relevant

There’s no point spamming your profile with an abundance of information that means absolutely nothing. The fact you love cats and once worked in a fairy floss stand for 6 years is practically redundant. Put only your best assets forward by including your most valuable skills and accomplishments.

Keep it fresh

Google likes nothing more than fresh content, and that means keeping it up-to-date on a regular basis. There’s absolutely no advantage to having a profile on LinkedIn that has sat dormant for four years.  If you’ve attended an industry event recently, tell the world about it. Contribute blog posts and make sure you log any new qualifications of upskilling.

Keep it succinct

Don’t ramble. It’s as simple as that. Keep paragraphs brief and to the point, and where possible, stick to the K.I.S.S principle (“Keep It Simple Stupid”).

Keep it truthful

No one likes a drama queen. If you’ve got a message to tell the world, don’t overplay it by jazzing it up with false information to make the story more exciting, or exaggerated. Most particularly, don’t lie. Trust is a critical aspect of business networking.

So, if you’ve avoided LinkedIn like the plague until now, it’s time to get back on the horse and get into it with these easy steps. The opportunities are endless, if you choose to approach them correctly and in time, your brand will benefit from this digital presence in more ways than one.


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