Workplace IT policy Template

Workplace IT policy Template

Download a word workplace IT policy template

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All employees are provided with access to a computer equipped with standard operating environment and business -related software.  Any additional software must be approved by a Manager of Business Systems and Information before installation. Unapproved software may contravene your business policies as there is a risk involved regarding software source and quality.

Employees who are assigned a portable computer are responsible for ensuring its safekeeping at all times. Laptops are to be stored in a secure location, maintained in good working order and should not be left unattended in an employee’s vehicle.  Any incidents will need to be reported immediately to your Manager of Business Systems and Information.

Policy Template download includes:

  • Use of IT Services
  • IT Policies
  • Computer policy procedures
  • Mobile Phone policy
  • Email and internet policies
  • Telephone policies
  • Conserving storage space
  • File storage policy
  • Backing up data
  • Company IT structure
  • Organisational structure
  • Security Breaches
Workplace IT policy Template