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OilCorp revolutionises its workforce management using Roubler

We wanted to share with you a success story of one of Roubler’s earlier adopters, OilCorp.

By way of background, OilCorp is an Australian based fuel distribution company, supplying fuel to over 25 locations around Australia.  Managing fleets across their multiple sites was becoming increasingly strenuous for their small management team and customer satisfaction was being impacted when deliver time were not met, often resulting from time & attendance mistakes or staff absence.

The company invested in the workforce management system Roubler as a solution to improve their scheduling and time & attendance bottlenecks. With Roubler site managers can now recruit instantly without spending hours reading resumes, on board with ease, instantly schedule, automatically manage time and attendance, monitor performance through in-depth analytics and pay with one click.

After a simple integration the benefits Oil Corp have realised over 6 months include;

– Achieved its ROI goals within 6 months by increasing efficiency whilst also improving the customer experience.

– Improved productivity by 17% by optimising staff and reduced wait time by 40%, contributing to the improved customer experience.

– Reduced workforce attrition by 38% and increased employees engagement due to automatic scheduling based on skills and employee preferences.

– Eliminated the expense of unworked hours and cost of fortnightly payroll which is now automatically generated.

– Improved compliance and operational risk.

With future growth anticipated, company management are confident their integrated workforce management system is scalable to meet their future needs.

OilCorp Managing Director Andrew Hills says “The difference it has made to management forecasting and scheduling more accurately, as well as proactively identifying and quickly addressing staffing issues, optimising our workforce, and, most importantly, improving our customer satisfaction, is fantastic.”




Roubler is the only platform servicing every aspect of shift workforce management using automated online intelligence.

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