Company Leave Policy Template

Company Leave Policy Template

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An organisation understands that in certain instances (usually personal/carer’s leave and compassionate leave) a Leave Application Form cannot be submitted prior the leave commencing. An organisation is sympathetic to the individual circumstances in these instances and where such instances occur, a Leave Application Form should be completed and submitted to the employee’s supervisor upon their return to work. Payment for the leave will of course be subject to relevant evidence requirements which may apply to requests for a period of such leave and the employees’ available leave balance.

Company Leave Policy Template download includes:

  • Definitions of different types of Leave
  • Leave entitlement
  • Responsibilities regarding company leave
  • Leave without Pay
  • Long service leave
  • Compassionate leave
  • Personal Leave
  • Paid parental leave
  • Leave without pay
  • Government paid leave
  • Carers Leave
  • Access to support
  • Leave documentation
  • Record keeping
  • Review staff leave
Company Leave Policy Template