Free Employee Code of Conduct Template

Free Employee Code of Conduct Template

Download word document template of workplace employee sample code of conduct policy and procedure

Save time and Download your Free Employee Code Of Conduct Template

This free downloadable word document sample code of conduct template includes the company’s expectations s that its employees will always display the highest standards of professional and personal conduct in serving the needs of customers and stakeholders. And the obligations of the employees are that all employees have an obligation and duty of care to; Comply with prevailing community standards of equity, justice, fairness and compassion in dealing with others within and beyond the company; Perform duties in a responsible and professional manner, with due regard for company policies and other legal requirements and obligations; Exert responsible stewardship of company resources; Promote and protect the company’s reputation in the wider community; Act appropriately when a conflict arises between our self-interest and our duty to the company.

This Code of Conduct Policy

  • Table of Contents
  • Code of Conduct Statement
  • Employee Obligations
  • Employee Behaviour
  • Personal Conduct
  • Professional Conduct
  • Stewardship of company resources
  • Protection and promotion of the company’s reputation
  • Dealing with conflicts of interest
  • Compliance and breaches
Free Employee Code of Conduct Template