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Roubler FAQ

I am finishing my final year in high school and wish to choose a university degree which will help me to move into HR in the future. Please can you provide advice on (1) what courses I would be best to take and (2) what other activities I should do while at university to give me the best chance at getting an HR role when I leave?

Many universities now offer HR qualifications from under graduate to PhD level. AHRI, as the industry accrediting body for HR qualifications in Australia, provides a list of those courses which meet the accreditation requirements.

A recent AHRI survey of more than 1800 HR and non-HR professionals also rated general business, psychology and law degrees as offering suitable background for more specialised areas of HR.

In terms of ‘other activities’, as a full-time student, you are eligible to free student membership. Via this membership, you will have access to a wide range of activities that will supplement your studies, including joining specialist forums to form important relationships with people already in the industry. Finally, we would also strongly encourage you to seek opportunities for work placement to supplement your studies.