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Roubler FAQ

Assessing Your Candidates Applications

Those involved in the selection process should study the applications and assess the potential candidate against the established selection criteria. Good practice and privacy obligations require that all applications are treated with the strictest confidentiality.

Assessment of applications against the selection criteria will identify those that meet the requirements for the position and that should be given further consideration. The result of the assessment process should be a list of candidates to be approached for the selection process.

The number of applicants who progress to the selection process should be dependent on the number and quality of applications received.

Tip: if working with an external recruiter, you may wish to request a minimum and maximum number of candidates be submitted to you for selection. This should be a guideline only so that the recruiter is able to provide to you any and all candidates that do meet the selection criteria identified and so no candidate is disadvantaged through the process.

Applicants that meet and/or exceed the selection criteria should be considered as strong candidates for the position and moved through to the selection process. Applicants who do not meet the selection criteria should be advised that they have not met the requirements and will not proceed to the selection process. These applicants should be informed as early as possible and provided with feedback where appropriate regarding their application.

You may wish to use a table or spreadsheet to record applicant details and the process undertaken to identify successful candidates.