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Employee Time Clock & Timesheet App

Easily monitor your employees time & attendance with Roubler’s online time clock software and mobile app.

Employee time clock app.

Roubler’s time clock software and timesheet app allows rostered employees to simply login and out and manage breaks via a tablet time clock kiosk located in their workplace. Their time and attendance data automatically creates timesheets in real time and data is synchronised with the payroll software.

All-in-one attendance system.

Roubler’s integrated all-in-one HR, time and attendance, rostering and payroll system eliminates the need to export data between multiple systems. The benefit of one system means with one login you can onboard, roster, manage attendance data and with a few clicks pay your entire workforce. Simply create your roster, have your employees login with Roubler’s time clock app and the data is synchronised in real time ready for payroll approval.

Automatically populate timesheets.

Roubler’s all in one system allows for automatic population of timesheets calculated to your specific payroll rules, agreement, or unique business requirements. All displayed for daily, weekly or pay period approval.

100% uptime. Never go offline.

Roubler’s time and attendance software saves the data so that if the tablet or device loses internet connection all your data is already stored in your Roubler software account ensuring you never lose any T&A data.

Live attendance dashboard.

Roubler’s intelligent real-time dashboards include a live attendance feed providing management and employers with a live real time feed on who has arrived to work and at what time, who has taken a break and who has logged off today. Available on any device, anywhere, anytime. Employee management on the go!

Online bundy clock.

Roubler has taken the traditional bundy time clock and moved it online to a sophisticated online and app based time and attendance system which automatically syncs with Roubler’s payroll and rostering system as part of the all-in-one workforce management system.

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