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Scout Talent & Roubler Software Integration

Seamless Scout Talent integration with Australia’s best all-in-one HR & payroll system.

Roubler’s all-in-one HR system automates employee onboarding, rostering, time and attendance, leave management and payroll with Scout Talent: Recruit and Scout Talent: Engage integration.

Roubler – your complete workforce management solution

Roubler is an all-in-one HR & payroll software that streamlines the entire HR and employment lifecycle. Roubler offers employers:

Roubler consolidates all your HR and workforce management functions into one easy to use, cloud-based platform, reducing administrative burden and giving you greater flexibility and control of your workforce in real time.

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“Roubler works really well for us. The fact that it’s one app, and all aspects are combined into that one app, from rostering to staffing to our staff logons – it just makes it so much easier for us to be able to find our information, and process our information all in one place. It cuts down on our wasted time, and allows us to focus on really driving the business, which is a key part of what we need to do.”

– Joel McDermott, Manager at Potts Point Hotel and Roubler customer

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About Scout Talent

Scout Talent delivers easy to use recruitment technology, powered by people who live and breathe talent acquisition.

  • Scout Talent builds innovative technology solutions specifically for internal recruitment teams and hiring managers, no one else.
  • You’ll work with people who understand you and speak your language, not just systems and coding.
  • Scout Talent offers personal service and local support from real humans.
  • Scout Talent’s systems are tailored to you and make recruitment more enjoyable.
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“Scout has been a game changer for us.”

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Why integrate Roubler HR Software and Scout Talent?

Roubler and Scout Talent integrate seamlessly. Here are just some of the ways that the Roubler and Scout Talent integration can help you streamline and automate HR processes:

  • Single sign-on technology lets to access Scout from within Roubler – no need to open and sign-in to separate applications.
  • Roubler’s integration with Scout provides you with a seamless transition of employee data from Scout’s recruitment process to Roubler’s Onboarding functionality.
  • Store recruitment related collateral in Roubler’s employee profiles such CVs or screening questions.

Roubler & Scout Talent integration FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Roubler and Scout Talent Integration. If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Do I need a separate Scout Talent account?

Yes. The Scout Talent: Recruit and Scout Talent: Engage modules are additional to the standard Roubler package and requires a separate Scout Talent subscription. We happily facilitate the introduction and integration process with Scout Talent for our customers.

How do I connect my Scout Talent and Roubler accounts?

Scout Talent will set up your account, creating your careers portals, migrating your existing content into their platform and training your staff. Full details of the implementation process for Scout Talent can be view on their website.

When the system is set up, Scout Talent will notify us. Your Customer Success Manager will then activate the integration between Roubler and Scout Talent, managing the data flow.

How do I access my Scout Talent if I use Roubler?

You will access your Scout Talent account directly from Roubler using single sign-on technology enabled by Auth0. No need to sign in multiple times: we provide you a seamless experience between Roubler and Scout Talent while ensuring data in both accounts is kept completely secure.

What data can I see from Scout Talent in the employee profile?

Employee learning history

You will see a link to the employee’s resume/CV in their employee profile.

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