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If your business is remote, managing employee performance and keeping the team connected can be incredibly difficult. You’re rarely all in the same place at the same time, and even though you’re all working towards the same goal, it can be difficult to make sure everyone is playing their part. That’s where Roubler can help. Because our workforce management software is cloud-based, it’s accessible anytime, anywhere. In just a few minutes, you can remotely onboard your newest employee with a tailormade induction program. Instantly access live business analytics to show you which team members are performing, and which are slacking off.

Connect your remote workforce with Roubler today to heighten performance and increase team morale.

How it works
  • Fully Manage Your Workforce from the Palm of Your Hand

    Remote businesses struggle to keep on top of day-to-day management of staff. Because of the team’s dispersal, many remote businesses aren’t performing at their optimal levels of productivity and profitability. Roubler provides a method to overcome this hurdle. Our cloud-based workforce solution allows you to manage your team regardless of location. Upload training tasks to complete, keep track of performance, and seamlessly schedule across your various sites. Plus, employees can easily roster off unavailability in the app, and access their payslips. Keep your team happy, well-managed, and more efficient.

  • Hire Best Fit Staff in Any Location

    You’ve identified a skills gap in your remote workforce, and need to recruit the perfect new employee straight away. You’re happy to hire someone who works in a different city or even state, but don’t have the time to fly around the country conducting interviews. Roubler can help. Simply create a careers page for your company, and Roubler will post an ad across various sites. Then, Roubler’s machine learning algorithm will examine and assess each application to your exact role requirements. It will hand to you the top 10% of applications so that you can onboard the best person for the job with ease.

  • View Workforce Metrics Live

    You want all your employees to be consistently performing at their best, however you rarely get to see them in action. With Roubler, you can keep track of exactly how each of your employees are performing. Our system provides you with key metrics like productivity levels, shift management, lateness, skill level, and absenteeism, so you can easily determine your highest and lowest ranking performers. This data can be actioned live to calculate a unique performance metric. For example, your workforce is currently performing at 76.4% but after a few minutes it could lower to 72% due to a late clock-on. Keep your remote team performing at 100% no matter where they are.

End to End Features

In just minutes create a company careers page that reflects your workplace culture. Design it to attract exactly the self-motivated kind of employee that would excel in a remote business environment. Then, our system will send your job ad across many different recruitment platforms to recruit rom the best possible candidate pool.

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Working for a remote business requires a certain kind of self-motivated dedication, as well as the right experience, training and qualifications. However, you hardly have the time to spend hours reading through hundreds of applications to find the best match. So, Roubler will take care of the for you. Our software will sort through all applications for your position and assess each of them based on your role requirements. Then, we’ll send you the best 10% of applicants. It’s that simple.

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You’re in one city, but your new employee is in another. Normally, this would cause a massive hassle for the onboarding process – forms, training booklets and policies would have to be emailed and scanned back and forth, along with a few phone calls to clarify. With Roubler, you simply load all training and induction materials into the system. Employees can access and complete each form, and all details included on the resume will atomically copy into the system. Plus, you can adapt the induction program each of your employees receives upon employment.

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Rosters can be a real pain for remote businesses. If you’re trying to juggle complex hours across various remote sites, Roubler is the easiest way to roster. Roubler’s software can auto-produce a roster based on availability, staff efficiencies, and costings. If an employee calls in sick last-minute, you can easily fill the position by alerting an available staff member via the app. Create a roster that will help your team achieve its maximum potential.

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Tracking time and attendance when you aren’t physically present to approve the shift can be tricky. Roubler operates a simple inbuilt time clock which allows employees to clock in and out on the exact times of their rostered shift. This data is then seamlessly transferred into the payroll portal. Save huge amounts of time on manual data entry, and eliminate double-handing or entry errors.

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Keeping track of employee performance when no one is in the same place at the same time is difficult. Roubler allows you to access real-time business metrics which indicate exactly how each team member is performing. Keep your remote business in tip-top shape.

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A wide range of employees across several locations, each on varying contracts, can make for a confusing payroll. Let Roubler fully manage your payroll for you to ensure accurate and on-time payment for your staff every time. Roubler’s payroll is completely compliant with the relevant industry regulations, are we are specialists in sorting out payment for complex split-shifts, and overtime.

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