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Running a small or medium sized business requires a workforce where each employee is always working to their maximum potential. As a small business, it is critical that you increase efficiency and streamline workflow in order to maintain profitability. You generally have less to spend on overheads, and no staff members have time to spare on HR and administration tasks. It’s unlikely that anyone in your office is fully trained in record-keeping and regulatory compliance which is a disaster for payroll purposes. And, if you have an under-performing employee, it’s not likely you have someone who will be ready to re-train them. Roubler addresses all these pain points that exist for small and medium-sized businesses. Our workforce management software can handle all aspects of employee management to ensure your business is a vigorous as can be.

How it works
  • Manage Your Entire Workforce via Mobile

    In order to achieve maximum organisational and financial success in a small or medium business, every employee needs to be working at their very best all the time. You can become so caught up in your company’s goals and mission that it can become difficult to tell when a certain employee is under-performing. Roubler carefully monitors the performance of each of your employees, and shows you detailed reports of their achievements. Then, it’s easy for you to identify who is excelling, and who requires a meeting and re-training. Encourage a productive and efficient workforce.

  • Cut Down Time and Money Spent on Training

    In small and medium sized businesses, it’s rare that there’s a dedicated HR staff member who looks after employee training and onboarding. Regardless of your industry, Roubler will completely streamline the training and onboarding processes of new employees. Each new staff member can be presented with a tailor-made induction program upon hire, which they can simply access through our mobile up. So each new hire is up-to-speed on procedures on day one. If an under-performing employee needs to be re-trained in a certain procedure, simply upload a new module for them to complete. Always have a team of well-trained, productive staff.

  • Lower Your Overheads by Centralising Your HR Function

    Efficiency is key for small and mid-size businesses. You need to reduce as many overheads as possible, whilst still ensuring that all the tasks associated with running a business are completed. HR and administrative tasks including payroll, data entry and onboarding waste precious employee time which could be spent furthering your business goals. Roubler can centralise of HR functions into one simple, easy-to-use, cloud-based system. Never again waste significant resources on manual data entry or other mundane HR tasks.

End to End Features

Effortlessly create a recruitment page the conveys the kind of experience, training, and demeanour that your small or mid-sized business is after in a new employee. Roubler will then distribute your job advertisement across a variety of recruitment sites in Hong Kong, so that you can access the optimal pool of potential candidates. Easily recruit one or several new staff members.

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When you add a new member to your small team, you need to be absolutely certain of their fit within your workplace. Roubler can help. Our unique machine-learning algorithm will examine each of the applications submitted to your job ad, and compare it to exactly what you’re looking for in a new hire. It will compare experience, background, skills and fit to determine the top 10% of potential employees. Hire the best employee for the job every time.

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Each small and mid-sized business is unique. Each time you onboard a new employee, there are specific procedures and information they will need to be familiarised with. At Roubler, we understand this so we made our onboarding software open to customisation. Plus, Roubler will copy employee details from their application into their system to eliminate time wasted filling out forms.

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A small or medium sized team means that rosters must be meticulously planned. Roubler’s software takes in account employee availability, wage costings, and staff efficiencies to auto-create the ideal roster. Staff can easily access the roster via their mobile app, and can submit unavailability notices with ease. And, you can easily fill a last-minute shift. Always roster your workforce to achieve the most for your small or mid-sized business.

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Manual entry of time and attendance data is a hugely unnecessary waste of resources. Roubler completely automates T&A by using an inbuilt time clock to mark the beginning and end of each shift. Avoid paying for hours not truly worked, and enjoy the ease of T&A data imported directly from the day into the payroll system.

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Never miss a beat when it comes to employee performance management. Roubler’s live business intelligence can show you just how productive each staff member is, plus help you identify where you have skills gaps in your workforce – all from a mobile app. It’s never been easier to ensure that your small or mid-sized business is truly operating as its optimal capacity.

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If your small or medium sized business doesn’t have a trained payroll manager, processing each weeks’ pay can be catastrophic. By letting Roubler take care of your payroll, you’ll be sure to avoid fines for incorrect payment, as well as backpay and negative media scrutiny. Outsourcing to experts is the easiest way to ensure each of your employees is paid correctly and on-time, and that your small or medium business is safe in the case of an audit.

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