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Roubler and Potts Point Hotel

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A large corporate owned hospitality venue in Sydney, Australia. Potts Point Hotel shifted to Roubler in 2016 to take care of all onboarding, rostering, Time & Attendance and payroll management.

The implementation has provided significant cost savings through the elimination of multiple systems and significant reduction of management time and administration.

"The payroll is quick, accurate, and award-compliant without me being involved. The staff and management have engaged with Roubler really quickly."
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  • Multiple, disparate back office systems
  • Manual Processes across HR and payroll functions
  • Usability challenges across clunky outdated systems
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  • One Unified HR and Payroll platform delivering
  • Eliminated Data Entry and importing / exporting data across multiple systems
  • Improved efficiency and significant cost savings

“We were introduced to Roubler through Mazars, our accounting company, and it was during a transition for our business of ownership. We were looking for a new time and attendance system, amongst other systems, and Roubler was recommended to us. It’s all integrated into one system. The previous time and attendance system that we had used a lot more steps involved to generate payroll, whereas this app is essentially a one-click payroll. Massive time-saver from my point of view, that’s for sure. The payroll is quick, and accurate, and award-compliant without me being involved. The staff and management have engaged with Roubler really quickly.”
Chris Jolliffe, General Manager/Licensee

“It works really well for us. The fact that it’s one app, and all aspects are combined into that one app, from rostering to staffing to our staff logons. It just makes it so much easier for us to be able to find our information, and process our information all in one place. It cuts down on our wasted time, and allows us to focus on really driving the business, which is a key part of what we need to do.”
Joel McDermott, Marketing and Events Manager

“My favourite feature would be the ‘My Unavailability’ aspect. So, if I have university or a second job, I can put in dates for when I’m not available.”
Sam, Staff member

“With Roubler I have full control and visibility in the palm of my hands, which has been a really positive change in my day-to-day. In terms of hours per week that have been cut out of the whole time and attendance and payroll process – many, many hours! It’s literally a short task in the week now, whereas it used to take up a good chunk of the day. Roubler are not like other tech companies – they really want their product to work, and their system to work, and they’re constantly seeking feedback. They really want their product to meet all of our needs. It’s just one system, one sign-on, one place to go to manage my entire workforce.”
Chris Jolliffe, General Manager/Licensee

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