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Roubler and Johnny Rockets

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Johnny Rockets is a large international restaurant business with over 380 stores in 32 countries. Each year Johnny Rockets serves 17 million hamburgers, 11.3 million soda pops, 8.3 million shakes, 8 million pounds of fries and 815, 000 gallons of ice cream.

"I was very comfortable knowing that Roubler had a large amount of experience behind them and strong foundations."
Johnny Rockets customer Sam
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  • Significant national roll-out with up to 8,000 staff
  • Greenfield operation
  • Full end to end HR and payroll solution required
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“When Roubler came across our desk I was very comfortable in understanding that Roubler was a company with a large amount of experience behind them and good foundations. The way that they have developed the system and the technologies is something that we are very excited to integrate into Johnny Rockets, as it is a technologically developing brand as well. The efficiencies in the restaurant are paramount to profitability, and we feel that Roubler is going to be something that can assist us with that. It’s a streamline process that we can communicate to our staff on a daily basis with the updates of compliance, and also making sure that so they’re adhering to the systems and processes we need to implement to ensure a successful brand and store operation. We will have in excess of 6,000 to 10,000 employees over the next ten years and the management of that is a very important one for us to get right, and to get as efficient as possible.
Sam Elderfield, Managing Director of Johnny Rockets

“It’s the first time I’ve used an app-based program like Roubler before, and it’s 100% easier than using emails and that sort of thing. It’s super time-saving, I can check it when I’m on to go, when I’m in a rush. I never have to be calling people, or emailing people –it’s all in one spot, super convenient, one touch away. I just find that it’s the best thing I’ve used so far.”
Ashleigh, Staff Member at Johnny Rockets

“It takes 5 minutes at the end of a shift to approve everyone’s hours – it’s saving our managers an hour a day. If we break that down over the course of the year, it’s saving us thousands of dollars just on labour. We really want to work towards keeping the managers on the floor, not in the back office getting stuck doing paperwork.”
Ben Marks, Manager at Johnny Rockets

“Using the system that Roubler has developed, we’re very excited so that we can ensure that the communication levels are maintained with our employees so that we’re able to run the business most effectively.”
Sam Elderfield, Managing Director of Johnny Rockets

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