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Roubler’s HR and payroll system specialists invite you to take advantage of a free professional evaluation of your HR and payroll system requirements.

Every organisation has a different system, or combination of systems and products, that they use to manage their HR and payroll functions.

Even if you are happy with your system, we believe that there is always room for improvement, and it’s not too late to future-proof the HR function of your growing business.

But without a thorough, expert HR and payroll health-check it can be hard to identify which areas to focus on.

That’s where Roubler is here to help.

What is covered during Roubler’s free HR and payroll assessment call?

During our 30 minute call with you, we will use the information you provide in the booking form to:

  • evaluate your current HR and payroll software combination.discuss any current or potential challenges that your system & processes present.
  • alert you to potential payroll and award compliance issues and areas for improvement.
  • conduct a technology capability assessment.
  • provide you with an overview of our evaluation and recommendations for action.

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