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How to Write a Job Advertisement

Frequenty Asked Questions

How to Write a Job Advertisement

Ensure your advertisement complies with legislation such as Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) law

Be realistic and honest in your advert

There is no benefit in attracting candidates with enticements or promises that the role or organisation cannot live up to. Focus on the positive things about the role and the organisation but don’t over embellish.

Know your target audience

Make sure you select the best avenues for recruiting the right people for your role i.e. if the role would suit a recent graduate look at graduate advertising opportunities and university job boards. If the role requires someone with a particular accreditation, look at industry bodies or associations who may have access to candidates (such as ——for HR professionals or CPA for accountants).

Know your limits

Choose your advertising methods keeping in mind your budget and the time you have available to recruit. For example, paper based advertisements can be expensive and have long lead times whereas online job boards can be inexpensive and be posted in a matter of minutes.

Keep in mind your customers and other stakeholders

Ensure your advert is consistent with other communication methods and in line with organisational values and image. For example, if recruiting for a not-for-profit you may not want to focus on large financial rewards but rather promote the more intangible benefits of what the opportunity will provide.

You may wish to adopt the AIDA principal outlined below. It is an effective way to ensure that you have covered all the necessary information in your job advertisement:


The advertisement requires something in the heading or appearance that will attract the attention of the desired candidates which reflects the image and culture of the organisation.

Example – A wildlife association or animal shelter may use images of animals to attract the eye of employees who have an interest in animal welfare. An advertising agency may use bright colours and design techniques to draw the attention of creative types. A government department will use their logo and crest to attract those keen to work in the public sector.


The advertisement will draw interest to the role by providing accurate and clear information about the role and the organisation. The advert needs to be clear in what is required to be a successful candidate for the role and provide enough information to allow the candidate to make an informed decision about applying for the job. Be clear in the requirements – state what essential qualifications or training are required so that candidates know up front if they have what is needed for the role.

State the benefits of the role – what benefits and remuneration range are on offer that will appeal to the candidates you want to apply. Use the ad to filter out those who are not suitable for the role – knowledge, skills and attributes should be spelt out to save your time and the candidate’s time.


The advertisement needs to create a desire for candidates to want to apply for the role. What is the value proposition in this role or organisation? Why would the candidate want to work for you over a competitor or another organisation? Be clear in the benefits and remuneration range as well as other positive aspects to the role. Describe the culture of the organisation (eg collaborative, relaxed, energetic, family oriented).

List what intangible benefits apply – (eg flexibility, lifestyle benefits, industry recognition) Explain what people can expect from being affiliated with the organisation or brand (eg ‘join the leading brand in …’, ‘ work for the number one supplier of …’).


Don’t forget to include what the candidate needs to do to apply for the role. This might include the closing date, who to contact for more information and what the application process entails. You may need to vary this whether you advertise online i.e. ‘click apply now’ versus print advertising i.e. ‘download an application form at www.roubler.com’.

Example – ‘Applications close 8 March 2013. For any questions or to receive a position description please e- mail hrmanager@xyz.com.au or phone HR Manager on 1234 5679 for a confidential discussion’.


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