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Workplace Mediation

Frequenty Asked Questions

Workplace Mediation

Mediation is a process whereby a third party is involved but not responsible for resolving conflict between two parties. The mediator is a neutral party who is used to manage and define the conflict resolution process. In other words they are used as a way to ensure that the parties involved ‘stay on track’ in resolving their issues.

The mediator will:

  • Ensure both parties remain focused on resolving the
  • Make sure all issues on the agenda are met and goals are achieved
  • Provide guidance to ensure the correct mediation method is enforced / followed
  • Clarify any grey areas
  • Assist in the decision making process and ensuring the parties come to a conclusion
  • Observe participants behaviours and feelings, and identify if any are causing roadblocks when trying to reach a conclusion in resolving conflict.

Typically, HR is involved in the mediation process as they are seen as the mutual force within an organisation. When HR is involved it’s known as internal mediation. There are instances where an organisation will involve an external third party to take HR’s place in the mediation process. This could be due to conflict of interest, HR not having the correct skill set or level of experience to handle the situation.


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