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Evaluating a HRIS

Frequenty Asked Questions

Evaluating a HRIS

As with any HR initiative it is essential that the success and effectiveness of the HRIMS is monitored, and any issues addressed. The most effective HRIMS is one that:

  • Contains accurate information and data (e.g. employee and job data)
  • Is flexible enough to deal with current and future requirements (e.g. technological advancements)
  • Is aligned with and contributes to HR and wider organisational strategic plans
  • Allows for multiple user input and access (employee, manager, HR etc)
  • Benefits outweigh its costs (should save time, money, confusion etc).
  • Ultimately, the HRIMS should add value to an organisation – it should improve processes within and communication across an organisation. The following questions will assist an organisation undertake a basic evaluation of the HRIMS.



Do benefits of HRIMS outweigh the costs (time, money, resources)?

Does the time taken to enter/adjust/manipulate data justify value (accuracy/efficiency/quality) of information generated?



Does the HRIMS integrate with other systems effectively (e.g. payroll or finance system)?

How many glitches/issues have been reported? Does the HRIMS require an upgrade?

Or additional functionality to be effective?



Is the HRIMS able to answer specific questions to assist with HR or wider organisational planning/decision-making?

Is the HRIMS able to generate real-time, adhoc reports quickly and accurately?

Is the HRIMS able to generate detailed business reports quickly and accurately?

Can managers/employees easily use HRIMS? Are managers and employees using the HRIMS?



Has communication between HR and wider organisation improved as a result of HRIMS?

Have relationships / perceptions improved?


An organisation should determine whether a HRIMS is doing what it was put in place to do. The HRIMS, as with any HR initiative, should continue to be evaluated on a regular basis and adjustments made to suit any identified issues or gaps.


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