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Candidate Selection Policies & Methods

Frequenty Asked Questions

Candidate Selection Policies & Methods

Selection methods are the tools and activities you use to select the most appropriate candidate for the role.

Selection policies
A selection policy is useful for an organisation to outline how the most appropriate candidate is selected including who will be involved, what methods will be used, companywide requirements and compliance to other policies (eg EEO). This policy may be combined with the recruitment policy.

A well-formed selection policy should clearly communicate the organisation’s intent and its selection goals. Selection policies should incorporate:

  • The company’s approach to Equal Employment Opportunity and the removal of biases in the process
  • The composition of selection panels i.e. what source, what level within the organisation, commitment required and availability
  • How line managers will feature in the selection process i.e. short-listing panel, interviews etc.
  • Timeframes for recruitment, selection interviews and appointment
  • Preferred selection techniques and in what instances they will be used
  • Reporting on selection processes to key stakeholders in the process i.e. the candidate, the line manager, HR, the selection panel etc.
  • In what situations selection will be outsourced
  • Budget allocations

Selection methods
The most common methods used to select the best candidate for the role include:

  • Assessment of the curriculum vitae or resume against the selection criteria.
  • Interviews
  • Testing
  • Realistic job preview
  • Referee reports


Factors to consider when identifying what selection methods will be used include:

  • Organisation’s selection policy
  • Type of position being recruited – senior executive, technical role, high volume
  • Organisation size
  • Funds available
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