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360 Degree Feedback HR Guide

Frequenty Asked Questions

360 Degree Feedback HR Guide

Some organisations prefer to use 360-degree feedback as a form of performance appraisal. This process provides information on an employee’s performance from a number of sources – peers, subordinates and managers. Such appraisal should provide a wide range of information about skills, performance and working relationships.


In 360-degree feedback, the peers, subordinates and managers fill in a questionnaire describing the employee’s performance. The questionnaire usually consists of a number of statements rated on a scale (e.g. from 1 to 5) and includes the opportunity to provide additional comment. The employee in question also completes the questionnaire to assess his or her own performance.
The process should be anonymous, and the feedback should be presented to the employee in aggregate or summary terms (i.e. as a feedback report).
To ensure the best possible results from the 360-degree feedback process, it’s important to ensure that:

  • the questions are short, clear and relevant to the person’s job
  • the respondents are credible to the person being appraised (i.e. they are deemed as being in a position where they can credibly provide input)
  • both the employee and those who will complete the questionnaires are adequately briefed on the process
  • feedback is never attributed to an individual respondent
  • it is clearly stated how feedback will be given and by whom
  • training is provided to those individuals who will provide the feedback and results
  • issues of confidentiality are clearly communicated detailing who has access to the data and for what purpose
  • the feedback report is concise, simple to understand and provides guidance on how the information can be used
  • the process is constantly monitored and evaluated.
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