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Cost-Effective Cloud Payroll Software.

Enjoy the benefits of a fully compliant, secure and reliable payroll software service, without the costs of an on-premise system.

Reduce IT and upgrade costs with cloud-based payroll software.

By choosing a cloud-based payroll software solution, you’ll save thousands on IT support costs, on-site server fees, and upgrades to software and pay condition templates when payroll legislation changes occur. All support and upgrades are included in your subscription with us, and updates are automatically made to the software as soon as changes to the law are announced.

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Grow your business without worrying about payroll processing costs.

Using a cloud-based payroll system like Roubler means you won’t need to pay for on-site server upgrades or additional licenses when your business grows. We’ve built our platform with scalability in mind with a pay-per-employee subscription model based on the number of employees on your payroll, and the capacity to pay 100s of thousands of employees.

Greater payroll accuracy means greater cost-efficiency.

An automated pay conditions engine will give you complete confidence that you are running a compliant and accurate pay run. This accuracy greatly lessens the potential for high non-compliance fines, and expensive back-pay processing.

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