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The shift you’ve been waiting for

Find the perfect job that suits you. Have the security of knowing that you are working for a “Roubler Verified Employer”. Your pay will be correct and on time. Positions and offers will be selected for you automatically based on our Applicant Matching System that matches your previous work history, your desires, your successes, and your skills to each specific employer, making sure Roubler finds the perfect shift for you!



Create profile

Create a profile page and Roubler will instantly match you with the right job, based on the information and skills you’ve provided. Searching for the perfect job is so much easier.

Schedule your shifts

Schedule your shifts, view rosters, payroll and update your information from your mobile phone. Your entire career is literally in the palm of your hand.

Jobs anywhere, anytime

Search for jobs nearby specific to your skills, experience and goals. Roubler will give you feedback on how suitable you are for the position as we continue to learn from you.

One paycheck

Never worry about chasing pay again. All your paychecks organised into one neat summary. You’ll always know exactly when you’ll be paid and most importantly, how much.

Employee benefits

Utilise our Roubler Rewards Program, and save on a number of benefits including home loans, car finance, mobile plans and more.


Home loans

The average person can save up to $2,496/ year.

Personal loans

The average person can save up to $1,200/ year.

Mobile plans

The average person can save up to $180/ year.

Car finance

The average person can save up to $348/ year.


The average person can save up to $540/ year.

Internet Plans

The average person can save up to $180/ year.

Partner Title

Reward Partner 1

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Reward Partner 2

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Reward Partner 3

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Reward Partner 4

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Reward Partner 5

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Reward Partner 6

Refer your friends and earn

Once you’ve found your perfect job, why not refer your friends or colleagues and Roubler will pay you direct into your bank account for successfully referring someone to a Roubler employer.