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9 Business Apps You Can’t Do Without

Those little moments when you find a way to innovate your business and streamline your everyday operations are little moments of gold. It always feels good to discover better approaches to cutting costs and increasing the overall efficiency of your organisation, so we’ve put together a list of apps that will do just that.

Get your smartphone, iPad or computer ready—here are our 9 unmissable apps for smooth business success.


It’s already the go-to for many businesses across the globe, but the platform’s popularity hasn’t been stunted yet. The stress-free environment of the app and the simplicity means it’s the perfect option for group chats in a corporate and personal environment. With video and text-based chat functions, this app will most likely always remain a crowd favourite.


Organising communication for different projects and groups can get complex and confusing. Slack aims to combat this, offering an organised view of all discussions going on between teams. Assign your different groups with their own dedicated “chat room” to discuss all work-related matters, without having to go back and forth between files and emails (you can upload attachments, too).


This sleek app is the best platform for list-making antics. Create multiple lists for yourself or others and see how everyone’s working in real-time. Deadlines can be easily noted and files can also be shared for each related task.


There’s nothing worse than missing a flight to an important business meeting or discovering there’s no accommodation around when you need it most. TripIt logs all of your travels in its nifty organiser, reminding you on when to leave for your flight, where you can stay, phone numbers you’ve collected f or the journey and much, much more.

Rescue Time

Ever found that you’re not sure how all the hours in your day have slipped by so quickly? This app helps you to better understand how you’re using your time and blocks distracting websites along the way. The platform also gives you alerts if you’ve been spending too much time on something, helping you to maximise your overall efficiency.


If you have a lot of money going in and out and you’re finding it hard to track, Expensify organises all of the spending coming from your teams to then be distributed to programs like QuickBooks and NetSuite. Simple and effective—this app is the go-to for ensuring you don’t lose those much needed tax receipts.


The absolute necessity for those that experience chaos with their endless notes, calendar invitations, meetings and events. Document all of your notes and store PDGs, files and images in a handy one-stop program that lets you access it on any device. There are both free and premium versions available.


Don’t risk losing your critical files—store them on the cloud with Dropbox. Accessible from any device, anywhere in the world, this platform helps you collate group project information and store them in a secure vault that’s readily retrievable whenever you need it most.


Track your finances and enterprise resource planning projects with this app. Known as the cornerstone of many businesses these days, NetSuite is gaining huge momentum for small and large organisations across the world, helping to manage day-to-day business needs for absolutely everyone in the office.


Go ahead, get Googling—these apps are out there and ready to go, helping you to achieve better business initiatives with minimal effort.



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