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6 Tips to Improve Your Employees’ Productivity

Finding ways to motivate your workers is a challenge faced by many employers. The daily grind can become tedious at times, and so it’s important to inject a sense of innovation and energy in the workplace to keep the cogs turning.

In order to help create a working atmosphere steeped in positive and productive vibes, there a few things you as an employer can do…

  1. Provide ongoing feedback to your team.

    Everyone needs to be well aware of how they are performing as both an individual worker and a team member, and the best way to do this is to essentially hold up a mirror to your employees. Schedule regular one-on-ones where you can sit down and go over areas each staff member is excelling in and areas they may need assistance, support, or training with. Remember, it’s about providing constructive criticism and positive encouragement; not attacking your workers.

  2. Establish a relationship based on mutual respect.

    The idea of management-versus-staff is a bit outdated; working cultures these days tend to thrive most off a healthy sense of rapport between all employees. When you show your respect and gratitude to your staff, it motivates them to not only continue producing work of a high-quality, but to strive towards finding new ways to impress you.

  3. Implement regular training opportunities.

    The old adage is true: practice does make perfect. There’s no way your employees are going to be able to improve their work-based performance if they aren’t given the tools to accelerate their careers. As an employer, it’s important to educate yourself on the latest industry practices and to relay the information to your workers via regular training sessions. That way, you can continue to re-energise the workplace while ensuring your company is performing at the highest possible standard.

  4. Encourage your employees to set goals for themselves.

    Establishing professional targets is a powerful method for driving self-motivation in your workers. From setting specific deadlines and team KPIs, to inspiring your staff to shape their own individual missions, such as a promotion to strive towards or a personal best to hit, goals are a prime way to enhance your workers’ productivity.

  5. Engage in face-to-face time.

    The digitalisation of our modern world often means we are glued to the artificial glows of our phones, laptops and monitors. However, too much screen time contributes to feelings of isolation and disconnectedness. Ensure you are giving your employees healthy breaks from their digital devices by having face-to-face discussions rather than immediately jumping on your email to get in touch. Walk around the office and check up on your staff from time to time, and incorporate social get-togethers where possible to enhance a sense of team-bonding and workplace positivity.

  6. Give your employees more freedom and flexibility.

    Gone are the days of the regimented 9-5 work schedule; many businesses these days are choosing to break down traditional parameters by offering their staff the option to choose their own working hours. Each individual works best under different circumstances – some may find they do their best work late at night, while others thrive off a productive mindset first thing in the morning. Of course, flexible work schedules aren’t going to be appropriate for all environments, but there are certainly cases where the contemporary choose-your-hours trend is ideal for getting the necessary work completed to the best possible standard.

By choosing to try one, two, or all six of these methods, you are sure to find the dynamics within your business shift towards a more productive mood engineered by passionate and stimulated employees.


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