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Applicant Tracking System

Streamline your recruitment process and remove the hundreds of applications that hit your inbox every time you post a job ad.

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Instant ranked shortlist.

Superior to any existing tool within the marketplace, Roubler’s inbuilt algorithm instantly assesses the employee’s suitability for both the role and the organisation. Roubler automatically discounts those applicants who aren’t the right fit and shortlists only the best candidates specific to your workplace requirements. This intuitive technology is set to change the way you hire.

  • Machine Learning algorithm continually learns what employee attributes work and don’t work in your business.
  • View a live shortlist dashboard as the applications are received ranked (as a percentage) in terms of suitability to your workplace and skills required
  • The roubler percentage rating you can be assured that you’re not only saving time and money, but you’re also sourcing the absolute best candidates.
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No More Data Entry.

Roubler takes the data entry out of hiring by automatically collecting resumes, cover letters, notes and feedback in one place, accessible anywhere.

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Self Service on any device.

Roubler’s intuitive HR interface is accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere.

  • Allow candidates to apply for a position with their mobile on the bus, their laptop at home or tablet device.
  • Hiring managers can easily and intuitively view and action application responses live on their mobile device.
  • Candidates enter details once only.
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Candidate Application Process

Roubler takes the data entry out of hiring by automatically collecting resumes, cover letters, notes and feedback in one place, accessible anywhere. The software then intuitively collates the information, together with its automated, online intelligence, to screen and shortlist the most suitable candidates specifically for your organisation. Within a moment’s notice, you’ll get the top 10% ranked applicants who have been evaluated in percentage terms for their suitability exclusive to your workforce needs.

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